Green Cleaning

Green Solutions That Don’t Sacrifice Clean

Often, there’s a tradeoff between green cleaning solutions and achieving a proper “clean.” However, this is because many commercial cleaning companies use the wrong products to achieve results, creating a surface-level clean without actually killing bacteria or pollutants.At Silva, we do both.
Our ECO green cleaning systems allow us to achieve a clean that both looks great and is actually free from the pollutants and germs that compromise workplace health. And, because we don’t use chemicals, you’ll achieve an even healthier space than you could otherwise.

What is ECO-Systems Green Cleaning?

ECO-Systems green cleaning solutions offer multiple benefits both directly to our clients and to the environment. By using non-toxic products, we prevent introducing additional chemicals or irritants into the workplace. And, through our efficient equipment, we reduce the amount of wasted water required by commercial cleaning services.
By using green cleaning products and equipment, we make it simple to keep your workplace as environmentally friendly as possible. This means no ammonia or other harmful chemicals in the workplace, all while promising the same clean Eco-Systems is known for.

Don’t Take a Chance With Chemical Cleaning – Trust Silva’s Green Approach Instead

Currently, there are 17,000 petrochemicals available for use, 70 percent of which aren’t tested with regard to their effect on human health. Moreover, 63 synthetic chemical products are found in the average home, meaning there are likely more in the workplace. And, most concerning of all, indoor air pollution can be up to 200 percent worse than outdoor pollution levels.
Using traditional commercial cleaning methods in the workplace means introducing potentially harmful chemicals that can adversely affect the health of your workers. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of cleaning in the first place?

Contact Eco-Systems for a Green Clean You Can Trust

At Silva, we’ve been using ECO-Systems green cleaning methods that make it simple to reduce chemicals while achieving a greener, healthier clean, no matter where you work.
To learn more about our green solutions and service options for your workplace, contact a member of our team at 847-282-0858 or by email at . We look forward to showing you that green solutions are superior to traditional options, without sacrificing clean.