About Us

A Clean That You Can Both See and Feel

When is the last time you walked into your office or workplace and felt like it was clean. All too often, commercial cleaning companies deliver a clean that you can see, but harmful pollutants and other bacteria remains.

At Silva Commercial Cleaning, we address these issues and more through our green cleaning approach.

Years of Experience Working for the Benefit of You and Your Employees

Whether you’re a building or office manager or head a brand and need a solution, you need a commercial cleaning company that doesn’t just superficially clean. You need a company that cleans at a deep level to identify and remove pollutants in your office environment.

At Silva, we rely on Silva green cleaning solutions to monitor and remove soils and other pollutants. By doing so, we guarantee hard surfaces, carpeting, surfaces, restrooms, and other areas of your office, medical facility, or other workplace are kept clean.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for Your Peace of Mind

Of course, choosing a commercial cleaning company with efficient, comprehensive services is important. However, so is choosing one that is licensed, bonded, and insured.

We meet these standards because they offer our clients peace of mind that should anything happen, they are protected. As such, we have everything you need to not only maintain a healthy, clean workplace, but do so while offering you peace of mind as well.

Learn More About Silva by Contacting Our Team

If you’ve been looking for a commercial cleaning service that meets rigorous quality standards, is cost-effective, and is flexible enough to account for your unique needs, Silva Commercial Cleaning can help.

Learn more about our services, pricing, or other qualities by contacting us at 847-282-0858 or by email at Info@silvapure.com . Your workspace should be clean both to the eye and for what you can’t see. Accomplish both by contacting the team at Silva, today!